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Welcome to our new Photogram blog, an assembly of words, podcasts and videos about computational photography and our AI camera for content creators.

We’ve started this blog to give you more detailed insight into the inner workings of our startup and the development journey of the Alice Camera as we gear up for our Indiegogo campaign in October 2020.

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Overview of Photogram

Photogram is a computational photography startup based at the UCL university incubator in London. We are building the Alice Camera, a novel AI camera, in Britain from the ground up for the 40 million income-generating photographers, content creators, filmmakers, influencers, YouTubers, TikTokers, and Twitch streamers who create frequent digital content as part of the passion economy and the future of work.

By combining professional quality optics with AI-accelerated hardware and computational photography algorithms driven by deep learning we are offering content creators an optical device more suited to our new world of image sharing, live streaming and content creation.

We were founded with the mission to empower creatives with technology and we are building our camera for you. Our team of data scientists, engineers, content creators and photographers have been busy working hard to build the Alice Camera and make it a reality. We are reimagining the camera as a computer designed from the ground up for you. Our idea is to pair the optical systems from a DSLR or mirrorless camera together with the connectivity of a smartphone into an innovative new product to address the dire problems that still exist with interchangeable lens cameras.

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A blog about computational photography and the Alice Camera, our AI camera for content creators