Meet the Team: Lavinia Giarre

Get to know the team behind the Alice Camera!

We’re an ambitious team over here at the Alice Camera. A young group of photographers, content creators, engineers and entrepreneurs with a mission to build a product more suitable to the needs of creators in 2021.

Innovation in camera technology has been lingering over the last decade and we’re building Alice because we believe that connecting with others through visual media should be as easy and intuitive as possible.

Operating most digital cameras is cumbersome, the workflow can be awkward, and they lack basic editing and sharing capabilities. Alice uses computational photography and AI to enhance image and video capture and works with your smartphones to take high-quality content, edit, share or stream it quickly without the hassle of learning how to operate a pro-camera. However, if you want more control you’ll get it through our customisable pro-settings and open-source initiative.

In this series of ‘Meet the Team’ blog posts, we’d like to introduce ourselves to you and tell you how and why we started building Alice.

Third up is Lavinia Giarre, our Innovation and Community Manager.

  1. What is your role and what brought you to the Alice Camera?

Lavinia: Hey, my name is Lavinia and I am the Innovation and Community Manager here at Photogram. In other words, I take care of the organic reach of the Alice Camera by helping communicate and translate the innovation our team is doing to the wider world. I’m in charge of updating all our social media platforms and creating fun and interacting ways to keep our audience interested and engaged.

I was attracted to the Alice Camera, firstly because I believe in the awesome product, but also because of the great and dedicated team! We’re a team of six and every action you take/idea you decide to follow, has a huge impact on the direction of the company and I love that!

  1. What do you find most exciting about the Alice Camera?

Lavinia: After 2020, it is safe to say the majority of people have become content creators, even if it’s not in a professional way, we spend our days in front of the camera. I find it so cool that the Alice Camera will allow anyone out there, with very limited photographic knowledge, to create high quality content and to share it with one click. I think it’s going to be a game changer and that’s so exciting!

  1. What has been the hardest part of launching a campaign on Indiegogo?

LaviniaWe closed our Indiegogo campaign last weekend and it’s been a crazy month. The most frustrating part would have been seeing comments (and trying to argue with them) about how every product on Indiegogo is a scam, and that people will never get their camera. When I know that the amazing team behind it has spent one and half years perfecting the camera, and I know myself how many hours I put into this project.

  1. What has been the most fun part of the launch? 

LaviniaLaunching a product on Indiegogo is a very fun and exciting experience! I’ve loved answering tons of kind messages online, having very fun and honest conversations with professional/amateur photographers, and seeing people getting excited about the camera! I’ve had weekly Instagram lives with different content creators, and it’s been super fun chatting to them about their love for the Alice Camera and their future projects! 

Lavinia speak English, French, Italian, German and Swedish so if you have any specific questions in those languages then please let us know!

The Alice Camera is an AI-accelerated computational camera. It has a 4/3 inch sensor and uses the micro fourth thirds lens mount alongside a dedicated AI-chip to run our deep learning pipeline on device and in real time. For more information about the Alice Camera head over to our campaign page.