Last day to back Alice

Our Indiegogo campaign ends at midnight tonight!

Happy Weekend everyone! 👋🏽

Thanks for being part of the Alice Camera journey so far. We've had an excellent and busy time over the last 30 days during our Indiegogo campaign, but it's all coming to an end at midnight tonight. 😱

We wanted to let you know that this your last chance to grab an Alice Camera at a special discounted price. 👈🏽

We decided to build Alice because we were frustrated by the lack of innovation and usability of the interchangeable lens camera that are on the market today. Our mission is to empower the next generation creators with a tool that works with your smartphone to help you succeed for the demands of modern content creation. 📸

In terms of next steps, we'll be moving on swiftly to finish the development and manufacturing of the units and we really hope that we can add your name to the production line 🙌🏽

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