Indiegogo Instagram Takeover

We're taking over Indiegogo Instagram account this week

Hello lovely people, this week we are taking over Indiegogo’s Instagram account! The takeover started yesterday and will finish tomorrow and is jam packed with exciting new interviews and content about the Alice Camera.

Here’s what to expect:

Day 1 - Wednesday 10th March

  1. An interview with Chris from the @indiefilmmakers Instagram account. We chat to Chris about how he first got into filmmaking and how he grew his channel to a whopping 433,000 followers! Chris is a real innovator and does a lot of behind the scenes tips, tricks and tutorials. Chris was excited to use the Alice Camera for high quality vertical-form videos such a Reels and TikToks.

  2. Much like Chris, Director Enman grew his @behindthescencegram on Instagram to a mammoth 483,000 followers! The channel is full of great little videos that provide revealing insights and tutorials. We spoke to Enman about the Alice Cameras and he was excited about bringing the AI and computational photography of a smartphone to larger sensors.

Day 2 - Thursday 11th March

  1. Interview with Tom from the, who have been the core hardware engineers of the Alice Camera. We talk to Tom about the hardware decisions that were made when designing Alice - everything from the grip, to the phone mount, the buttons and more! Be sure to check out this interview later today.

  2. You also see some content which dives deeper into the technical specifications and core software features of the Alice Camera comparing our menu systems with a menu system from a DSLR. We also showcase our Day with the Alice Camera video that we filmed with British Artist, Sungnarly.

Day 3 - Friday 12th March

  1. To wrap up, on Day 3 we have an interview with Paul Manning from The Outfly team have been working with us on the UX/UI design and software of the Alice Camera. We talk to Paul about the importance of design innovation and why it’s vital when bringing new products to market.

  2. We also interview Harry and Paul from @imaego, an agency that represents athletes and helps them build up their social media presence with high quality video content. We had a lovely chat with the guys over at Imaego who said the Alice Camera will help streamline the workflow of the influencers they represent. A food influencer who we’ve worked with before, Spicydiscoveries, also features in a our Day with the Alice Camera showcase.

Thanks for the Indiegogo team for letting us takeover their account! It was lots of fun and please be sure to tune in. Hope you enjoy!

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