Conversations in Computational Photography | Episode 1: Colour Science

We talk about colour science, white balance and exposure in our first episode of Conversations in Computational Photography

Welcome to our first episode of Conversations in Computational Photography, a new series by the Alice Camera team exploring innovations in computational photography, deep learning and artificial intelligence and how they can be applied to consumer digital cameras.

In this premiere episode, Vishal our CEO is joined by Liam Donovan our CTO and Shelly Srivastava our Computational Photography Engineer to discuss colour science, white balance and exposure and how we are using computational photography and AI-based methods to drive these features inside of Alice.

We launched this series to introduce you to the team behind the Alice Camera and the work we’re doing for you. But, most importantly, we want to drive the conversation forward. There is a real reluctance and reservation by the traditional camera companies to even engage with the word “computational photography” let alone its methods. Our team is dedicated to champion these innovations and Alice is being built specifically around enabling these techniques on-device in an open-source way allowing you to deeply customise your creative process.

We can’t wait to launch future episodes talking about a range of topics from electronic stabilisation, HDR, autofocus, super resolution and more. We will also be inviting guest speakers to join our conversations and provide their insight.

You can watch our first episode by clicking below. We’d be happy to hear your feedback!

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